Below are some common problems encountered with the Bernie's Typing Travels program and their solutions. If you encounter problems not on the list below or have other questions, contact our Technical Support Department at 1-800-423-0563 or email at

Updated Problem / Solution Guide - 11.7.03

  • Problem 1:
    Bernie launches, the intro animation happens and then the error:
    "Property not found if generalData(StoredDataObj).Language=#English the #Language "

  • Solution:
    They did not delete the Bernie Demo before installing full Bernie. They need to delete the Bernie Demo folder. Then delete the folder "Bernie Data" , and the file "Bernie data path.txt" These are located in the following places:

    Windows: C:\Windows
    OS9: System Folder:Preferences
    OSX: hardDriveName:Users:userName:Library:Preferences:

    Then re-install the program and things will work fine.

The Bernie Demo disc has been updated (11.6.03) to avoid this problem.

  • Problem 2:
    Error when you click on the teacher tool icon. "Object expected userPrefs[eachName][#modifiedFlag]=FALSE --add a flag for when user gets modified"

    If there are a bunch of temporary text files in the "Bernie Data" folder. They have the names like "123456.txt" and they say they are a test right if you open them up. Then refer to Solution 2.
    --- or ---
    If there are no temporary text files then refer to Solution 1.

  • Solution:
    1. One of the students has bad data, you need to run "BernieWash" to
    clean up the bad student data and set it back to the default starting data (click here to download BernieWash). This was probably caused by the teacher using the Teacher Tool and modifying student info at the same exact time the student was updating his own info. Teachers should use the Teacher Tool before or after class, but not while the students are using the program. When you launch the program it automatically checks student data, and if a student has messed up data they will not show in the log-on list. This is useful in determining which student data is messed up.

  • 2. This user does not have full Erase privileges.The student folder (Smith,Joe) inside the "Bernie Data" folder; and all files and folders inside it must have full read/write/erase privileges. If the customer updated their server from Novel 5 to 6 and used the easy upgrade tool, it has a bug and does not copy over the privileges correctly. The updated drive will look like the privileges were copied, but they were not. Test this by making a file and then try to delete. If the customer did the upgrade the old manual way, things will work fine. Probably the best thing to do in this scenario is to just set up
    a new Bernie Data folder that has full privileges and test those privileges manually.

    To verify all this, go to a client machine and set up a new folder on the server and then manually make sure it has full privileges. (If you can't set up a folder then you don't have privileges) Then install
    Bernie on that client machine and point to the folder on the server. Set up a new student inside Bernie and then quit the program. Start Bernie again and log on as a teacher and go to the teacher tool to see that it is working.

    Also if a user is using a combination of Windows and Novel privileges note that the Teacher tool should be accessed from a machine that has Windows Administrator privileges and not just Windows client privileges.

  • Problem 3:
    Bernie launches, the intro animation happens and then the error:
    "Director Player Error" in the title bar and "add StudentByGroup[thisUsersGroup], eachName #add".

  • Solution:
    This user does not have full Read/Write/Erase privileges. Refer to the solution for Problem 2. Be sure to always test the privileges manually from the client machine to verify that it has full privileges. Do this by making and editing a simple text file with notepad or something. Also make sure you can then delete that simple text file.